How to Restore .BKF File in Wndows XP – Get Complete Guide

Starting up Backup Restore process is exactly same as that of creation. In the following image, click on "Restore Files and Settings"

Select the Files and Folders that are to be restored from the location where the backup was saved while creation.

Click "Finish" to start up the process of backup restoration.

A report of the progress on backup restoration will pop up on screen.

A notification for successful restoration of backup will be given on screen.

Isn't great that in few simple steps, you can create and restore backup to avoid any kind of data loss! But it is not easy at it seems to be. The process to restore backup does not have a successful ending every time. Let us discuss WHY?

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Windows System BKF Restoration

The fact that is equally important as proper backup creation is that it should be checked out time to time to test its consistency. Very often, it happens that at the time of restoration, error messages pop up on screen and as a result the process gets failed. This is because of minor or major corruptness is backup BKF file which strikes due to virus attack, catalog files missing from the restoration tab, attempt to restore backup of 32 Bit Windows version on 64 Bit version, creating backup while the BITS is running at backend etc.

Unable to Restore BKF file?

Try another solution if your BKF file is corrupt or unable to execute as Windows BKF Recovery. This tool helps you to extract data from Backup file. It is the perfect answer of How to Restore Backup Data on Windows XP Professionals?

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