Reasons and Solution That Lead To XP Backup BKF Recovery

'If you know the reasons then the solution will become easier', here it is narrated about the Ground, Reasons and finally the Solution that lead to corruptness and to Windows Backup Recovery process respectively. This guided expedition will allow you to get the in depth knowledge about the whole happenings behind the BKF file corruption and then the process to recover Windows backup files.

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The Index of the guide can be viewed as

  • Understanding what causes BKF corruption
  • Common Error messages that emerges after BKF file got corrupted
  • Resolution for Windows backup recovery

Understanding What Causes BKF Corruption

  • Accidental or Regular Power failure
  • Using low cost, low quality storage device
  • Mal functioning of Windows backup program
  • Log file corruptions
  • Missing Catalog files
  • Corrupted backup set up
  • Improper mounting of storage device for data restoration
  • Incorrect enterprise network transfer of files leading to CRC error
  • Bad virus or Trojan effect
  • Abrupt shutting down of the system
  • Employing small sized backup package to store large sized data
  • No updates done with the storage facility till the beginning of usage
  • Data restoration through Offline media
  • Infectious removable storage device used

Common Error Messages that Emerges after BKF File Got Corrupted

  • 165026 - NTbackup Cannot Restore Font Files That Are in Use
  • 216328 - Installed Tape Device Is Not Recognized by Removable Storage Manager
  • 815767 - "Import Media Present" Dialog Box Appears in Windows Backup After You Select the "Always Move New Import Media to the Backup Media Pool" Check Box
  • 815140 - "Unknown Error" Error Message When You Create a Backup Over Your Network
  • 277701 - NTbackup Cannot Restore from Backup Sets That Are Located on a Second Tape in a Continuation Sequence
  • 252264 - Windows 2000 Backup May Not Recognize Conner CTT8000-A Tape Drive
  • 247060 - Dr. Watson Error Message in Ntbackup.exe When Starting to Read Tapes
  • Err Msg: The Device Reported an Error on a Request to Write Data to Media
  • 244408 - XADM: Year Displayed Incorrectly After Restoring Backup
  • 155236 - NTBackup Error: No Uncataloged Sets Were Found on Tape

Resolution for XP Backup Recovery

Once the backup files are corrupted and give rise to error messages the very need to recover windows backup also arises. To recover windows backup file, the best way to choose is to employ extraneous software like BKF Repair, which work against the error messages and reasons behind it. The tool will perform windows backup file recovery with perfection and once you understood well about the Windows System backup recovery software by downloading BKF Repair tool you can see how the solution become easier, when you know the reasons behind the problem well.

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